This is an aside: But I'm always amazed at your great input!  Thanks for sharing
such a stash of knowledge. Deb

Frank Ippolito <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Yeah Clara, I really debated the lighter vrs faster question when I went
for a laptop this January. I would have loved a powerhouse with a massive
screen once I sat down and got to work. This would have worn off quickly if
I ran out of juice after an hour. Bigger machine + lots of batteries = a
bad back. The question turned out to be not IF you could carry it around
but WOULD you really. Frodo is a tad more powerful than my last generation
workstation- the one that I created 3/4 of my digital portfolio on. And is
so small that it goes most places with me anymore. I could have nailed a
machine as powerful as the workstation I now use- one that had a giant
screen. It would likely be sitting home today.


>>Laptops with faster CPUs run hotter and burn through batteries.
>This is consistent with my experience. My 2 year old ()
>PowerBook is a cool tool and a great workhorse, but its battery
>doesn't last long at all. It gets pretty hot too.

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