>Jim wrote:
>The hard part, of course, is deciding how much to charge per figure.
>Hopefully the publisher has provided your friend some samples of the
>style/complexity that they want. Based on these samples, your friend should
>be able to estimate how long it will take to create each figure. Some
>artists draw distinctions between simple, moderate, and complex figures and
>price each one differently. I prefer to average them all together and use a
>single price for all figures.

How would you protect yourself if the publisher makes representations
about the quantities of the various simple, moderate, and complex
figures, and then there turns out to be more complex ones than
originally intended? If yu have given a flat price per illustration
based on the assumptions of quantities? The time frame for the work
is to start late this year or early next year. I would guess they
would have a hard time nailing down the amount of each type this far
in advance.

Do the big publisher need a fixed total cost or can they live with a
per piece cost based on a complexity rating?

Actually most of the illustrations will be in color. I am not yet
clear what kind of color (must ask friend more questions). A large
number will be 3D block cross-sections.

He is expecting to subcontract some of the illustration work to
ensure meeting the deadline.

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