>>I, too, think that $55/hour seems low for a freelancer. I hope it is ok to
>>say that on the list.
>Very okay to say on the list! It's hard to know what the industry standards
>are if no one speaks up.

I'm guessing that Tami was referring to the legality/ethics of discussing
specific prices/hourly rates.

According to U.S. anti-trust law, a group of competitors can't get together
and "collude" to set standard prices. Since most of us are independent
contractors (as far as our freelance work is concerned), we all essentially
compete with one another.

As I understand it, it's OK for two people to get together informally and
discuss pricing. But it's not OK for an organization to facilitate
widespread price fixing. This is considered collusion. The only exception
is a trade union where members can set standard prices and engage in
collective bargaining.

You could make the argument that the GNSI is facilitating price fixing by
allowing people to use this listserv to collude on prices. This could get
the GNSI in hot water with the FTC. The AMI listserv prohibits discussion
of prices and price strategies specifically for this reason. I'm not aware
of any GNSI policy about this, but it's something to think about.

The Graphic Artists Guild, on the other hand, can get away with publishing
"standard" prices (in their Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines)
because they are organized as a trade union. At least, that's what I heard