Thank you, Linda! The software sounds fantastic. Too bad about the hat, although I do have some field sketches and photos of two snapping turtles mating that I may throw in...

Which brings me to the rest of you. The auction depends on the generosity and creativity of GNSI members to be a success (OK, that and a lot of wine). As the conference approaches, please remember the GNSI in your everyday travels. If you see something useful, strange, fun or just plain unforgettable pick it up and bring it to the conference! Or, if you have some artwork or prints you'd like to donate to the auction bring those too! We love artwork! If you'll be unable to attend the conference but would like to donate something for us to remember you by you can send it to me & I'll take it along:

Julie Kulak
352 S. Loomis St.
Naperville, IL 60540

Please include a post-it note with your name, address & the value of the item(s).

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you SOON! If you have any questions please email or call.


Kulak Illustration
Scientific Illustration and Graphic Design

-- Linda Crane <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Since there appear to be several people who are interested in the software I
discussed earlier, I've decided to donate it all to the Conference auction.
That way I won't have to decide between individuals, all of whom I like very
much.  I'm not up for hard decisions these days.

BTW at our local country auction a few weeks ago I almost got a lot that had
a really spectacular frog hat (bulgy eyeballs, froggy legs, and
everything) - I thought it would go well with the lizard t-shirt......but,
alas, I was outbid.

Linda Crane
AzureWing Studio
Toll Free:  888-882-5850