Hi Stephanie,

I didn't see the GNSI mentioned on your list. Beside the great ListServe, Newsletter and networking opportunities the Guild offers two WONDERFUL educational events: The annual conference and the SUMMER WORKSHOPS. These events are held during the summer (Annual Conference July 4 - 10; Summer Workshops August 9-13 & 16-20) so students should be able to take advantage of them without missing any school. They're reasonable priced - even scholarships for the SUMMER WORKSHOP (which no one is taking advantage of, by the way - hello everyone, free money!). Students get to rub elbows with more experienced illustrators, begin building their professional network, and build their illustration skills in one intensive week. I think the SUMMER WORKSHOPS and the conference are the hidden gems of the GNSI - little treasures waiting to be discovered! More information at

Encourage your students to enroll, everyone! Why don't you come, too? :)

Thanks, and donate to the auction!

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Scientific Illustration and Graphic Design