You should be able to "squeeze' placed image files with the scale
tool or set a specific size in the transform palette. What you can't
do is set a specific size  for one dimension and have the other
dimension stay proportionate (lame). The the scale tool is not
working for you, do you have a sticky shift key maybe?

You can find information on linked files in the Document Info window.
Use the pop out list to go the the linked file section with your
image selected at the same time. There is less info here than I would
like, but it does list the path.

If you are missing a file, you can delete the image directly. It will
be a blank box, only visible in outline mode. If you select it, you
should be able to designate a new image for it through the link
palette, or do a file/place/replace to get a new file to replace it.


>Frank Ippolito <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>Hey All,
>After becoming spoiled by the very useful features in various programs that
>allow us to view the details about- and properties of- a linked asset, I
>have found such abilities in AI 10 to be very lame.
>At one point I resized a linked file and AI insisted on showing the file in
>the original aspect ratio. Huh? There seemed to be no place to massage the
>file into its new shape. Another time I had a folder full of variations of
>the linked file. Nowhere can I find a way for AI to show me the path for
>the linking. In other cases I sometimes get error messages when opening a
>file whose linked asset is missing. No place it seems where I can manage
>these assets and perhaps delete the link for a long gone file. Am I
>missing something? Any such tools in AI CX?
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