>"I shouldn't have said "stop being so paranoid!"

And I shouldn't have called you naive. My apologies for being in a "testy"
mood. I shouldn't have singled you out because I get the impression that
most artists aren't aware of this issue. Even Frank Ippolito, an
experienced and highly respected illustrator, admitted that he wasn't aware
of this issue.

I completely agree that the federal anti-trust guidelines seem absurd, at
least as far as illustrators and other freelancers are concerned. The
original intent of the law was to prevent big companies from getting
together to fix prices. This was for the benefit of consumers.

Instead, the big companies continue to merge and consolidate their power,
while the little guy gets screwed. In its present form, antitrust law
protects big companies from us, not the other way around. This is why the
IPA and other arts organizations support the Conyers Bill and other
initiatives to give freelancers collective bargaining power.

If nothing else, I hope this discussion has been enlightening for the rest
of you on the listserv.



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