>If nothing else, I hope this discussion has been enlightening for the
rest of you on the listserv.

Definitely.   I find it completely bizarre, but a lot of legal matters seem
to make less and less sense the more you look into them.

Many years ago I painted signs.   I worked for two signpainters before
starting work for myself.   After many months, I asked one of them how much
money he made, since the information was about to apply to me.   I didn't
expect him to tell me, since nobody I knew would discuss money; it was
considered crass.

He laid everything out -- what he charged for each type of work; how fast
one should produce to be making money; what the equipment, materials, and
shop space cost; how much he averaged per sign, per hour, and per year; his
gross, his net, his taxes; and how these changed over time.

This was the first adult discussion I had ever had about income with anyone
who had a real job.   It meant a lot to me.   I hope there is some way in
which new people can learn this critical aspect of freelancing without
getting in trouble.

Liz Day
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA