Don't feel bad, I find every time they update their software I have to go
looking for my menus and rethink my shortcuts again.  Sometimes I think
software designers decide that they have to have a GUI change to visually
justify that they "really did upgrade the software". It's a wicked trick to make
us go in search of that tool that we need. 
;-)  Deb

Frank Ippolito <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>There is the Link Window that allows you to see the various files that you
have placed in Illustrator 10. I'm not sure I understand you completely.
I can take those files and if I have embedded the file I can then manuever
and resize or scale it without a problem. It could be that when you saved
your file you didn't included the linked file or you didn't embed it. Is
this a possiblity? <

Hey Deb,

Thanks. I don't know how I could have looked multiple times for such a
palette and missed it outright until after reading your post. It is EXACTLY
what I needed (and couldn't believe that Adobe left out). I kept
highlighting the asset and then looking towards the artibute palette etc.
Anyway, I had a feeling that a quick post to the list was all I really needed.


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