> I'll be researching long term data archiving over
> the summer as I set it up an archival system for
> the data in the biology
> department of my college.  I'll share what I think
> would be the best method then.

Good topic.  It will be interesting to hear what you
discover, as I will be in the same proccess at our lab
in the fall.

So far my only solution is to use external harddrives
for backup, but as technology changes, and our budgets
do NOT, I am concerned that some digital files may not
be readable at some point in the future. This has
already been an issue once here at our lab.

When I first arrived here over a decade ago, people
were in the process of switching from pc to mac and
many files were archived... archived in the sense of
being tossed on a floppy disk, thrown in a closet and
forgotten.  Now, for numerous reasons, most of these
disks are not even readable.

Since backing up files will be my responsiblity this
time around, I wish to be better prepared for future
technological advances, or setbacks which ever the
case may be, and do the best I can to archive our
files in a safe, readable, and transferable format.

So, yes! Please keep us informed as to what you (or
others out there) discover!


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