Hi Wendy;

The AMI has done this a couple of times. The latest one was just a few
months ago. You should have received some emails about it. The results have
not been tabulated and posted (at least not the last time I checked) but
they should be soon.

The survey covers fulltime salaries (broken down by geographic region, type
of institution, job title, etc.) as well as freelance rates for all sorts
of different markets. It also asked a bunch of questions about copyright
issues including: Have you experienced copyright infringement in the past 5
years? Do you sign work-for-hire agreements? Do you register your
copyrights? If not, why not? etc.


>Hello everyone,
> Please feel free to jump in here and help out my addled brain, but I seem
>to remember some kind of salary/wage survey from a few years back--was
>that through the Association of Medical Illustrators? I think it might
>have been, but as I recall, it was pretty interesting. It was broken up in
>to geographical locations and salaries, if I recall correctly and had
>ranges for work that went from really, really low, to very nice indeed. It
>might have been for just salaried employees, but I do kind of remember
>hourly rate ranges listed--maybe for institutions? Does any one else
>remember this? Anyway, I thought it was in keeping with our discussion,
>which has been most enlightening--I, too, never realized how close you can
>come to overstepping the legal boundaries of what is considered proper and
>legal behavior on a list serve.
> Thanks to all for their insight.
> Take care,
> Wendy
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