>Hi Jim,
>During the course of this interesting topic, various
>resources for pricing, rules & regs, etc. have been
>mentioned. Could you (or someone) volunteeer to
>provide us with a more organized list of these
>resources (or does one exsist)?
>You know, just a resource list to use as a jumping
>point with our questions that may be in the gray areas
>of our listserver. It would be useful to have on file.
>Thank you,

Hi Jacki;

I'm only aware of a few such resources. Perhaps other people know of
additional pricing surveys, etc.

The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines
Currently in its 11th edition. Available from online booksellers or
directly from GAG:

The Association of Medical Illustrators Compensation Survey
This survey is conducted every few years. Members are asked about fulltime
salaries as well as hourly rates and "per job" prices for freelance work.
It's available only to members through the "Members Only" section of their

The Second Wind Network Production Price Survey
Doesn't list prices for illustrations, per se. Instead it gives prices for
total production costs (including art and photography) of advertisements
for different media and markets.

I believe Indexed Visuals also provides a pricing service/survey if you
subscribe to one of their stock or IVfolio services.