Hey Everyone,

On Friday I received a strange piece of spam which I thought I should
share. It was one of those fake returned emails (which I receive all the
time), but this time, the recipient's name was someone from our list.
Apparently, her server refused it. This is not the first time I've received
these faked returned emails, but it's the first time I recognize a name
from the GNSI listserv as the target. This is a person who's name I've
often seen during our exchanges, but who I have never sent an email to. I
contacted her off-list and she said she noticed nothing strange on her end,
so I guess her server bounced it before it ever entered her in-box.

I'm sorry to say I deleted the "message.scr" attachment before running a
Norton check on it, so I don't know which worm or virus it carried. I had
meant to, then inadvertantly dumped it with other stuff in the trash. I'm
working on a mac so I think I'm safe (in theory). My guess is that someone
on the list has both of our addresses either in their address book or
in-box and a virus has done some sort of mix & match assault.

I don't know whether this is anything truly dangerous, but it is a warning
to everyone. Just because the message is from a recognizable name, don't
assume it's legit.



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