>I don't know whether this is anything truly dangerous, but it is a warning
to everyone. Just because the message is from a recognizable name, don't
assume it's legit.<

This is a good point Amelia. I have begun to regularly get e-mail from
myself. Not really. But somewhere along the line some automated hacker's
code has found my name in someone's address book and began pasting my name
into the sender's field.

Bottomline.... don't click on anything unless you know exactly who its
from, what it is, and are expecting it. Also update your security patches
regularly! and use a firewall if you are connected through a broadband

And MAC users beware. A recent article debunked a popular myth. Apparently
the MAC OS has as many security holes as a PC. The hackers don't bother
with them only because they are looking for points for HOW MANY machines
are infected. Since there are far fewer MACs out there, they turn their eye
to Windows. One day someone is going to decide to try and mess with the
uncommon MAC. And a lot of people who never took those security notices
seriously are going to be sore.