Frank, can you tell us where to find that article about Macs? I've
always thought that it's only a matter of time before hackers start
having their fun with us, too. Especially since with their new
marketing scheme, they're getting pretty popular. Yikes.

thanks - Kapi

>  >I don't know whether this is anything truly dangerous, but it is a warning
>to everyone. Just because the message is from a recognizable name, don't
>assume it's legit.<
>This is a good point Amelia. I have begun to regularly get e-mail from
>myself. Not really. But somewhere along the line some automated hacker's
>code has found my name in someone's address book and began pasting my name
>into the sender's field.
>Bottomline.... don't click on anything unless you know exactly who its
>from, what it is, and are expecting it. Also update your security patches
>regularly! and use a firewall if you are connected through a broadband
>And MAC users beware. A recent article debunked a popular myth. Apparently
>the MAC OS has as many security holes as a PC. The hackers don't bother
>with them only because they are looking for points for HOW MANY machines
>are infected. Since there are far fewer MACs out there, they turn their eye
>to Windows. One day someone is going to decide to try and mess with the
>uncommon MAC. And a lot of people who never took those security notices
>seriously are going to be sore.

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