It is possible to create this effect with the Drop Shadow filter, by setting the blur to 0%, the opacity to 100%, and the color to whatever you like. Once the shadow is created, you can grab its corners and drag it out to make it appear behind the whole image (or better yet, grab both the shadow and the placed image, and use the align tool to get it perfectly centered).

(Whenever using Quark, I often prefer to quote Chewbacca: aaaaaaaaahhhhrrrrrrrrggggaaaaaaa!)


I'm afraid your answer is no. I always end up drawing a new box. There might be a filter out there that does this automatically, but I haven't seen it.

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Hi again Illustrator buddies-

Can one put a frame around Placed images in Illustrator (10)?
(without drawing a completely separate box and putting it behind..)

The manual and my afternoon seem to indicate the answer is no, so in
the immortal words of Princess Leia-

you are my only hope...

I am avoiding Quark and have no money for In Design..
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