Hey, speaking of irreperable damage, I have a question, and I'll bet at
least one of you computer-savvy folks out there knows the answer.

Our PC (running on Windows 98) has recently been exhibiting some weird
behavior. It seems to have reset itself back to former versions of programs
like our Anti-virus software, and will not uninstall or reinstall the
correct versions, because it says it can't find them. A few other things
have seemed to change spontaneously, like our desktop icons are in different
spots, our CD drives are inaccessible, and we can't get on the internet. As
you can imagine, this is not any fun at all.

We thought it was a worm or virus and have been on the phone repeatedly with
Symantec and MSN trying to figure it out. After we tried all sorts of
recommended fixes (defragmentation, virus scans in DOS mode, etc.), and not
finding anything, the support tech from Symantec is now saying we need to
take it to a repair place and have the hard drive reformatted. He said
computers usually need to have this done every 4-5 years (ours is just
turning four this September). We have a computer book that tells us you
should never have to have this done, and that techs only tell people to do
it because they are out of real answers.

We are pretty happy to try anything that will work at this point, but if we
can avoid the hassle of rebooting everything and the expense of a repair
shop, I'd like to. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

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>Subject: Re: re Macs
>Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 19:28:48 +0100
>Looks like Im keeping the mac then!   Im not so sure
>about networking them both together, Im so computer
>illiterate I would probably do irreparable damage or
>something.  It might be an option in the future
>    Ill probably have to hook my mac up to the net, But
>I dont suppose if anyone on here can give me tips on
>that, as I dont know if I can have two computers in
>the same household using the same dial-up number.  Im
>in the UK on BT openworld, so If anyone actually can
>answer that question, it would save me some time
>hunting the BT website ;)