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<< A friend of mine has just been asked to price a job to produce 290
illustrations for a physical science college textbook, with a 6 month
work window. He is new to this and really has no clue where to start
with figuring the amount to ask for. This is for major textbook
publisher. He has done a few illustrations for them already piecmeal
at $55/hr, so they must like the results so far.

Any sort of pricing and contract pointers for a large hunk of work,
from those who have been there would be apreciated. He wants to price
competatively but not lowball or undercut the market.

I have my own opinions, but I think more points of view are needed to
get a realistic idea of how to approach this.

I assume the publisher wants all book rights to the art since it's a text
book. Will give the artist name credit and artist keeps original art.
Based upon his fee of $55.00 per hour I am sure that the publisher wants to
arrange a flat fee for the 290 illustrations. (black & white pen & ink?).
I would offer a contract that would allow the artist to reuse the images in
unrelated market areas, in his portfolio/web, and receive a number of printed

The six month period allows for 180 days to do 290 illustrations. That is
almost two per day. It would take all of his time. If paid by this hourly fee,
the publisher would have to pay $52,800.00 for his 6 months of full time work.
Doubtful that they want to pay this much money for b/w line art for the text.
The least amount acceptable is $25,000 for the entire project and he should
certainly start at asking for $52,800.00 but if he was offered $38,900.00 for
the six months that would be fair.
On the other hand I would ask the client what their budget was. Realistically
I assume they may only want to spend $125.00 per illustration for a total of
So.....I would compromise at $37,575.00 and have them sign on the
dotted.......line on his own contract which outlines the above.

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currently teaching Professional Business Practices for Artists at the NYBG
and pricing was this weeks lesson.