GAG is pretty clear, too, that those are pricing GUIDELINES only, based
on surveys in the industry.

  There is nothing wrong with telling people what you earn, is there?
Since we are an educational entity isn't the GNSI mission to share
information? There has never, to my knowledge, been any exchange
remotely close to, "OK, let's charge XX$."

As for individuals, it is likely that anyone can sue anyone for
anything at any time--if you can find a lawyer to take the case. But
lawyers want money and who wants to sue some freelancer in the sciences
unless that freelancer is making at least a hundred thousand a year and
has inherited the family megaproperties, in which case, he or she
likely has a good lawyer, too?  . . .rambling thoughts in the a.m. . .

On Wednesday, May 5, 2004, at 12:58  AM, Jim Perkins wrote:

> The Graphic Artists Guild, on the other hand, can get away with
> publishing
> "standard" prices (in their Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines)
> because they are organized as a trade union. At least, that's what I
> heard
> recently.