Pricing is a highly variable commodity in Natural Science art. Where you are
located, the size of the client, how important the job is to the client, how
much you need the work,
and what the work can do for you in the future. I don't believe in price
fixing either. Nor is my hourly fee the same for every client. Sometimes I prefer
to do a flat rate because it can help me negotiate a better contract.
Ultimately you want the client not to just buy from you once. But, develop the client
as a resource to reorder and become a long term  source of income especially
if you are freelance.

Developing and training the client is foremost. Firstly make them call you.
Don't slobber over them and beg. Let them taste those art bones and sit up high
for your art. What good is a high price if they only come around once for a
nibble. You want to be fair to the client. I don't underprice. I price it so
that the client will want more.

The GAG PEG's prices are only guidelines. Many times I have to cross
reference a specific job because the exact type of job isn't listed. Most importantly
I look at the big picture. How far can I take this art commission? Is it the
type of project that I can license later on? Who is this client? Research them
to the hilt. What is on the mind of their CEO? What is the company's goal with
the art? How can you make yourself and your art indispensable. I can take one
commission from a client and turn it into three more jobs with the proper
attitude, research and vision.

I received a call today from a client wondering why I hadn't contacted them
for the job I do for them every year. I said I was busy. He said, "get right on
it we love your work and
make sure to send the President of the company an e-mail with a sketch." Did
we talk about price? No. Why? Because what ever I decide to bill them they are
very happy to pay. I am fair - I use the same contract every year and
increase the price of the job each year by10%  to keep up with inflation.  We have
been doing business for over ten years.

Now if I could only teach the client to roll over and bring me my slippers....