It is called gyotaku, and you can find several sites on the web.

A note of caution on looking at artwork sites (not instruction sites)
in Japan: I once spent some time just looking at Japanese art work from
several sites. Later I discovered that the things automatically
downloaded themselves into my trash and I could not delete them because
they were locked. I went through the bother of unlocking and deleting
each one by hand. Even later I discovered that there was something more
in my trash!  Looked, and it was several snapshots taken at some
Japanese shrine: looked like personal tourist pics. They, too were
locked, and I went through the delete process again. Now this might not
affect you because I was working on my computer in Japanese at the
time.  A mystery to me, as I am not computer literate; sort of second
grade level.


On Wednesday, May 12, 2004, at 04:54  AM, Geoff Thompson wrote:

> Also for list people, what is the name of the technique for fish
> printing or stamping and is there any good info on how it is done?