Halpert, Gretchen wrote:

>Jaynie et al.,
>For people who are planning to go on the Saturday Outer Banks Field Trip, I
>called the three hotels listed in the newsletter for Saturday night. None
>are offering the low prices. Prices I was quoted are: Comfort
>Inn-$95/double; Quality Inn-$99/double; Williamsburg Hospitality House-$139
>single or double. I asked about volume discounts and I think we can get at
>least a 10%discount at the first two places.  So I think it would make sense
>for us all to stay in the same hotel, for next day commutes, prices,and fun.
>I would be happy to arrange for a group discount if people let me know if
>they are interested. The sooner the better because I'm planning to book a
>room soon, knowing how summer can be in tourist areas.
Totally agree,

We couldn't get a group discount at this point in the registration
process but if you can
get a large-ish group together here quickly, you can save some serious
$.  There is no such
thing as a cheap hotel rates in Williamsburg in the summer which is why
we offer dorm
accomodations.  Staying at the same hotel may also lower the Richmond
airport shuttle
fee...When you call them, state you are a group....Even if there are
just 2 of you, the
2nd passenger gets a price break.  I would book the hotel right away.
There will be
enough dorm rooms to house everyone, but hotel rooms get snapped up fast.

Hospitality House is directly across the street from the college,
activity centers, CW.
The others will require a 15 minute walk to the campus.

By the way, we still need drivers for some of the field trips, all of which
take routes that avoid the interstate.....The Jamestown trip is 15
minutes on the
simple 2-lane Colonial parkway. The VIMS trip also takes the scenic
parkway most
of the way. Taskinas canoe trip is a pleasant drive through Virinia
We are offering free fieldtrips to volunteer drivers. The Dismal Swamp trip
will be very scenic but a longer drive. The 2 guides will be directing
and lecturing
along the way.  Come on folks.....we could use the help.

Good luck.

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>>Subject:      2004 hotel reservations
>>Dear attendees,
>>We provided a list of 3 hotels within walking distance
>>of the college but any hotel on Richmond road will put
>>you within 5 minutes or less driving distance of the
>>University Center. Richmond road is loaded with a grand
>>mix of hotels and restaurants. Follow it out of town
>>and within 10 minutes you will reach the designer outlet
>>malls and the Pottery. These are popular activities
>>for non-conference folks. Dress for comfort, sun and
>>lots of walking.
>>Fast food, Outback, Olive Garden, Italian, IHOPs,
>>Red Lobster and much more.
>>Richmond Road will also take you to a shopping center
>>with Food Lion, Books a Million, Radio Shack, more
>>restaurants and shops.
>>Surrounding the campus is a nice blend of eateries from
>>delis and cafes to fine dining. Pizza, seafood, ice cream,
>>a real homemade candy shoppe, The Trellis.
>>Colonial Williamsburg offers serveral taverns featuring
>>delicious colonial fare. Reservations recommended.