What about costs? In Australia any peripheral or accessory seems to cost
more for a mac as well as initial outlay and upgrade costs?

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> >Yes, I would like to work on location in a studio of
> >some sort.   so that are all mac?
> >But, as jeremy said, I dont want to buy photoshop for
> >both the systems though and I never got to grips with
> >the mac.   Macs seem to be good for graphical
> >software, but its my perception that the PC is a
> >better all round computer.
> >    Looks like its leaning towards me keeping the mac
> >now (which is dissapointing, I was looking forward to
> >going on a spending spree in PC world!)
> >
> PC can be bad or good. Macs can be bad or good. It all depends on
> what you want to do, who you will use for tech support (if anyone).
> You will find 3 programs that will do a job badly for every one you
> will find on a mac. IE there are a lot of programs available for the
> PC that have nothing to do with the Graphics industry. You will find
> most mainstream software available on both platforms. You will find
> more viruses on a PC. You will find more specialized scientific
> software on a Unix or Lunix box. A Mac will run this as well. If all
> depends on what you are comfortable with. These days you will find
> many shops using both. The Mac is doing very well in certain market
> segments, but you can always find someone using a PC anywhere.
> Britt
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