Kathleen Garness wrote:

>Received clearance from clients and family to attend conference. Anyone
>interested in carpooling from Chicago area to Williamsburg and back in my
>minivan? Yahoo.maps said it's about a 1700 mi RT, and I estimate gas to be
>about $250; driving and gas cost could be shared among as many as four, with
>ample room for luggage. With a few drivers we could make it in 16 hours,
>with short meal and pit stops.
>Kathy G


I just checked round trip air fare from Chicago to Newport News (25
minutes from Williamsburg).
US Air ($233), Air Tran($241) and United Airlines($257) are all showing
round trip fares lower than your gas estimate.  Air Tran departs from
both Ohare and Midway.  PHF in Newport
News is a nice little airport. Easy to get in and out of quickly.  If
you are interested in saving
some travel time.