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Sharing fonts between Mac OS X and Classic

Font sharing allows you to access Classic fonts in Mac OS X. If you add
a font to the Fonts folder in your Mac OS 9 System Folder, it
immediately appears in the Mac OS X Font panel and Font Book. However,
as in Mac OS 9, you must restart Classic to make newly added fonts
available in Classic applications.

Fonts installed in the Mac OS X Fonts folder are not available to
Classic applications.

I do not recommend Font Book. Simply put, it does not do what it says
it does. It seems only to be able to disable and enable system fonts
(and no others), though this might have changed since 10.2 (when I last
checked). If you don't use a lot fonts, it isn't an issue. But if you
use a lot of fonts, then you might wish to invest in a font management
program such as Extensis Suitcase or Font Reserve.

Regarding your zip:
Insert a zip cartridge and reboot. It should "see" the cartridge. If it
does not, check your connections. Even if they look okay, unplug
everything and then plug it in again. Is your zip plugged into a hub?
If so, try plugging it directly into your Mac.

If you are using a hub, it should be a powered hub (a hub that must be
plugged in, rather than one that gets its power from the computer).

Regarding ongoing issues:
Remember to take advantage of various knowledge bases, and the most
obvious -- the manual (or help menu, as the case may be). This is the
first line of attack. Basic font information is available both on the
apple site under support and via the OS X help menu. If you're not
comfortable doing basic searches, try asking your local librarian for a
quick lesson on doing searches.

Also there are a number of very good books on OS X. I generally
recommend Robin Williams' books (PeachPit). They are well written and
easy to follow -- with material for the novice as well as more advanced

Joining a user group is one of the best things you can do. You can get
your questions answered. And once you know some answers, you can share
with others as well. It is, to a large extent, the way I've learned
much of what I know. You can join a user group anywhere. Several good


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> Dear Jeremy and Karen,
>  Thanks so much for your help--I just panicked when the fonts didn't
> show up in any of the places I thought they should appear--I just
> didn't know how to find the fonts that I had in classic on OSX--I
> guess OSX can just read them from the classic mode?
>  Anyway, I think I kind of solved the problem--it appears that my
> Helvetica suitcase did not have oblique listed, so I reinstalled the
> suitcase in classic and now it appears in OSX--what a mess!
>  Of course, now my Zip drive doesn't seem to be functioning at all
> although the little green light is on--back to trying to figure that
> one out. I just wish these things came with a tiny technician in the
> box who could jump out and help when you really need it!
>  Thanks again--I am so grateful to have a place to turn when things go
> wrong (or right, for that matter)! Everyone out there is fantastic and
> so incredibly helpful!
>  Take care,
>  Wendy
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