Dear attendees,

If you fly into Newport News, you have several ways of getting to
Williamsburg if you are hiring a rental car.

(1) When you leave the airport turn Right onto Jefferson Avenue and follow
that road all the way to Williamsburg. This is a great way to avoid I-64
traffic backups due to road construction. Average travel time is 35
minutes due to
lower speed limits. When you see the Busch Gardens (route 60) coaster
rails snaking
through the skyline you are within 5 minutes of town.

(2) I-64 to Williamsburg. Turn Left onto Jefferson Avenue staying in the
right lane which will access the first merge ramp onto I-64. Travel time
20 (if no clogs)
minutes at average 65 + mph.  There are multiple exits to
Williamsburg. Any one of them will get you there. It is really a very
small town.

(3) If you want a very backroads experience, shoot across Jefferson onto
Bland blvd,
then Right on Warwick/Route 60. 60 parallels Jefferson and I-64. Stay on
road to Williamsburg. You will pass the entrance Busch Gardens when you
are within 5 minutes
of the city.

All three roads lead to Williamsburg.  Jefferson avenue deadends there.