> How can there be a May 21 deadline when the newsletters and registration
> forms aren't out yet? Not everyone is on the listserv and last I looked,
> registration forms were not yet on the website.

May 21 was suggested by the college, but we have been moved to a larger,
nicer dorm now. There is plenty of room. The newsletter will be arriving
within a week which should be about 10 days before the deadline.
Again, this deadline is not the final June 7th deadline....just a
suggestion for ensuring you get a dorm room.

 BTW, has anyone else had
> trouble opening the PDF file of the schedule or am I the only one?
Haven't heard of any other problems. Have you downloaded the latest
Acrobat Reader version?  If you continue to have problems let me know
and I will email you a text version.

> the double rooms on the W&M site shows bunk beds. Are all the double
> rooms bunked?

I'll check on that.