Dear attendees,

We provided a list of 3 hotels within walking distance
of the college but any hotel on Richmond road will put
you within 5 minutes or less driving distance of the
University Center. Richmond road is loaded with a grand
mix of hotels and restaurants. Follow it out of town
and within 10 minutes you will reach the designer outlet
malls and the Pottery. These are popular activities
for non-conference folks. Dress for comfort, sun and
lots of walking.

Fast food, Outback, Olive Garden, Italian, IHOPs,
Red Lobster and much more.

Richmond Road will also take you to a shopping center
with Food Lion, Books a Million, Radio Shack, more
restaurants and shops.

Surrounding the campus is a nice blend of eateries from
delis and cafes to fine dining. Pizza, seafood, ice cream,
a real homemade candy shoppe, The Trellis.

Colonial Williamsburg offers serveral taverns featuring
delicious colonial fare. Reservations recommended.