Will try to explain a question if I can.  Probably more info is required since I am below an amateur and  I am not directly involved yet, until I can learn more.  My sister who is a vet has  bought a new digital camera and also upgraded her computer, is XP.  She took an image of a horse to transfer to her website which has photos and some simple illustrations on it.  It is a fledgling operation with hopes of continuing with more detailed info and illustrations.   Up to now she has done simple edits in photoimpressions and  transferred the file to  Dad's computer. He puts it on his c drive or such place in a folder, then cuts and pastes to the website for her. They are usually in JPEG and are RGB. He has been helping to manage her site.  She has made the file supposedy compatilble with the web according to the new settings on her camera.   Neither  Dad or my sis can get new photoimpressions on their upgraded units.  Dad got photoshop elements until they get more detailed images and have the necessity for more editing options.  However since this all has happened, when Dad pasted to the web from photoshop elements the image appears as if the pixels have been effected in some way like a loss with some jagged edges and the coloration is strange like the channels are affected somehow.  If he does it through the old photoimpressions it transfers fine!  Also if he prints it from the folder it comes out beautifully.  At first I thought the file was too big or some setting was not right on  but why then would photoimpression be able to transfer it with no problem?  The other thing that has happened also is that when she attaches an image file to an email  (inserting) the picture is almost always too big where it never was before.  I am  just starting to learn some photoshop so I am far from giving any advice.
Carolyn Withrow