I believe the fish printing/stamping is called Gyotaku (not sure if I
spelled that correctly). Speaking of fish, are you out there Pedro Salgado?
Sali Binard

on 5/11/04 9:09 PM, mali moir at [log in to unmask] wrote:

Hi Geoff 

I am botanical and natural history artist in Melboune, I've worked at
National Herbarium for many years. I just heard some news that the
Queensland Museum is working on a fish project. Do you work at the Museum?
do you know anything about this? I am painting a great deal of fish at the
moment and am interested in any projects on fish. Should I contact you on
your personal email?

Also for list people, what is the name of the technique for fish printing or
stamping and is there any good info on how it is done?


>From: Geoff Thompson <[log in to unmask]> >Reply-To: SciArt-L
Discussion List-for Natural Science Illustration-
<[log in to unmask]> >To: [log in to unmask] >Subject:
Conference of Australian Institute of Medical and Biological Illustration
this week >Date: Sun, 2 May 2004 12:27:50 +1000 > >Dear All, > By chance I
met someone from the Australian Institute of Medical and Biological
Illustration last night at a dinner party. She is one of the organisers for
their conference at Bribie Island (just north of Brisbane, where I live)
beginning next Thursday . I knew nothing
about it till then and it is now too late for me to attend. I thought I
should let others know on this list. The program is mostly medical rather
than scientific but there will be a lot on file management and protection
beginning Thursday. >In case anyone is keen to go at th! is late stage they
could ring Vickie on her mobile 0418 788 128 to organise attendance.
>Cheers, >Geoff 

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