Dear Mali,
                Yes I do work at the Queensland Museum but in the insect section. The Curator of Fish is (funnily enough) Jeff Johnson,Jeffrey . We both get a lot of misdirected phone calls for each other. I will check with him tomorrow but I do know that there has been a big project surveying the deeper areas between the reefs of the Great Barrier Reef. That project, the Seabed Biodiversity Project, includes all sorts of marine organisms but I saw Jeff working on identifying fish species from that survey a week or so ago. This project was mentioned on "Earthbeat", Radio National's environmental program, last Saturday, 8th May, which is where you may have heard about it. You can listen to the program here . It's mostly about the loss of funding for the two tropical Co-operative Research Centres because their research did not have enough commercial application. The bit about the project is about half way through, just after the Science Minister's burbling.
    Jeff also recently found a very rare shark that got a lot of media attention a couple of months back. He does not have an assistant and has to do his own illustrations. I helped him with an illustration not so long ago when it got too hard.
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Hi Geoff

I am botanical and natural history artist in Melboune, I've worked at National Herbarium for many years. I just heard some news that the Queensland Museum is working on a fish project. Do you work at the Museum? do you know anything about this? I am painting a great deal of fish at the moment and am interested in any projects on fish. Should I contact you on your personal email? 

Also for list people, what is the name of the technique for fish printing or stamping and is there any good info on how it is done?