I'm not trying to be a Mac apologist. I hope I was clear that there are Mac viruses, and low market share is one of the Mac's best defenses. I am well aware my computer is not invulnerable. That particular Trojan horse was just blown so far out of proportion in the media that it was driving me a little crazy. The general public goes very quickly from "they found a few vulnerablilities in the Mac OS," to "Macs MIGHT have as many vulnerabilities as Windows," to "Macs have as many or more security holes than Windows so who would want a Mac?" It's hard not to be just a little defensive when you're the underdog. ;-)

I agree that indicating the file type in a file's name is useful under certain circumstances, but ideally that should be obvious from the file's icon and other interface cues. Labeling files in that way should be an option, not a requirement (IMHO). Metadata support would allow much more advanced functionality in the operating system. Just talk to any advocate of the defunct BeOS file system.

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