It sounds like you have a PowerMac G4, which isn't a bad computer, and if it is running OS X then you're doing pretty good. If you don't have graphics software for your PC either then you're really starting from scratch. In that case it's a good time to do some research and look at both sides of the divide.

Macs are not just for graphics. That is a common misconception. In fact I would argue that Macs are a better all around computer (though Frank might debate me on that). The big exception being if you need to play the latest and greatest video games, but I'm guessing that's not your primary motivation. Much of your platform decision is up to personal preference, but there are definitely some differences that could influence you from a business perspective. In an effort to prevent the impending platform debate I'll stop there. You can send me an email off list if you would like to hear more about the wonders of the Macintosh. :-)

I can't think of any reason for you to get Photoshop on both computers. Even if you want to continue using your PC for other applications you could easily do all of your Photoshop work on the Mac; then just transfer the finished images to your PC if you need to insert them in other programs. You could even network the two computers together without much trouble. That way they could both be online at the same time, and they could each see the other's hard drive to copy files back and forth. I've done this at home with three computers (including a PC) and a printer, all networked together.

Even if you decide to stick with your PC I'd still keep the Mac and learn how to use it. It's a good skill to have; especially in our industry.

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