“You could even network the two computers together without much trouble. That way they could both be online at the same time, and they could each see the other's hard drive to copy files back and forth. I've done this at home with three computers (including a PC) and a printer, all networked together.”  Jeremy Stoller

Excellent points, as echoed in my last email, but what’s the best way to do the networking and sharing files cross platform?  Is there a program to do it?  I imagine it’s probably not an easy explanation.  I have a wireless hub with a mac g-4 and a G-3 ibook (both os 10.2) and a PC with windows 98 first edition that I’d like to network in (all three wireless).  The PC is my father in laws, and he’s too cheap to buy a new machine.  If it’s too complicated, don’t sweat it, I really just want to know what works best for you.

Thanks Jeremy,