Setting up your computers to share a dial-up connection would work something like this:

1) Plug the modem in your Macintosh into the phone line and use that to dial up. All of the modem settings, like the dial-up number, can be configured in the Network pane of your System Preferences.

2) Go to the Sharing pane of your System Preferences, click on the Internet tab, and check the box next to "Share the connection with other computers on Built-in Ethernet." Your Macintosh will now act as an internet router. Any computer on its Ethernet network can get an IP address from it and share its internet connection.

3) Either...
   a) using a special crossover Ethernet cable, connect the two computers directly to one another. Any electronics or computer store should carry these cables.
   b) using standard Ethernet cables, connect both computers to the same hub or switch. Ethernet switches are better than hubs, but for two computers it won't make any difference, and simple hubs are cheap.

4) Configure your PC's Ethernet adapter to get its IP address dynamicaly via DHCP. This is normaly the default anyway.

5) Have the Mac dial-in and your home network is now online! You may need to reboot the PC for it to recognize the new network.

If you are trying to share a broadband connection then you can do basicaly the same thing as well, though I'd recomend springing for an external router. I have a Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Router with a built in 4 port switch (model BEFSR41). The DSL modem plugs into the router and I have four Ethernet ports to connect my computers and printer.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Jeremy Stoller
Senior Graphic Artist
California Science Center
(213) 744-2532
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Subject: Re: re Macs
Looks like Im keeping the mac then!   Im not so sure
about networking them both together, Im so computer
illiterate I would probably do irreparable damage or
something.  It might be an option in the future
   Ill probably have to hook my mac up to the net, But
I dont suppose if anyone on here can give me tips on
that, as I dont know if I can have two computers in
the same household using the same dial-up number.  Im
in the UK on BT openworld, so If anyone actually can
answer that question, it would save me some time
hunting the BT website ;)

 --- Jeremy Swan <[log in to unmask]> wrote: >
I'll admit you can get by with either, but The
> mac is hands down a
> better machine in my opinion.  I would agree you
> would never get the money
> the computer is worth.  I bought the first grey and
> white G-4 that came out,
> with the lowest possible processor speed available,
> and I'm still as
> productive as you can get.  I have lot's of memory
> and three hard drives in
> the beast, and other then gaming, I have no reason
> to replace it.  (though
> I'm looking into picking up a G-4 laptop in a couple
> days hopefully)
>     It would actually be very advantageous to have
> both types of machine in
> the house like you do though, and I think you'll
> find that using one as a 3d
> machine or scanner/printer, you'll be twice as
> productive(and protected if
> you set up a file backup system between the two
> machines)  Honestly, I'm
> jealous.
>     Another key point is that if you do any
> web-authoring, you can see how
> it looks in the various web-browsers on both PC and
> Mac.  This is especially
> useful for Flash animations.  The Mac would also be
> more virus free (for
> reasons previously debated), so you may consider
> using it to handle all of
> your email.
> Jeremy
> > I echo the vote for the Mac. My son, who's a
> PC/computer geek par
> > excellence, teases me about this, but my macs have
> never had any problems
> > with them and he's always having to fuss with his,
> what with viruses and
> > Microsoft instability issues. As the technology
> improves, the systems are
> > seeming to become more and more transparent to
> each other. However, if
> > you're also a heavy gamer, you might want a PC.
> >
> > Dollar for dollar, my vote goes for the new
> dual-processor Macs!
> >
> > Kathy G
> >

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