First I would recommend making sure your system is completely up-to-date. I think the most current Jaguar release is OS 10.2.8. You should also open the Disk Utility application and run the Repair Permissions routine before and after you install the updates, just in case. 

Fonts can be stored in five different places in OS X. All of your OS 9 fonts should be in /System Folder/Fonts/. These are the only fonts available to Classic OS 9 applications, but they can also be seen by OS X applications. 

The /System/Library/Fonts/ folder contains fonts that your operating system requires to operate, so I wouldn't mess with them.

The /Library/Fonts/ folder is where you store OS X fonts that you want to be accessible to everyone who uses your computer. It is the closest equivalent to the old Font folder from OS 9.

Every user also has their own font folder in /Users/<user name>/Library/Fonts/. If you install a font into your user font folder then it will only be available when you are logged in.

Finally, it is possible to set up network font folders that can be accessed by several computers at once, but this probably isn't something you need to worry about.

In the end you probably only need to deal with the fonts in your Classic System Folder and in /Library/Fonts/. If you use a lot of Classic applications then you should keep most of your fonts in /System Folder/Fonts/. Newer fonts that use the OpenType format won't work in that location however and will need to be installed in /Library/Fonts/.

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> Hello everyone!
> I am trying to switch over to OSX (10.2.1) on my Mac and I am very confused about where all my fonts are and what they are doing! (I know, I am very behind the times in this endeavor!)
> Do I have to reinstall all the fonts that were in my classic 9 system folder into X? I know OSX comes with a ton of fonts--where they are housed, I have no idea..but for the life of me, I can't seem to find helvetica oblique which I know is in my system 9 fonts folder.
> I am working in illustrator 10 and when I try to make my helvetica type to be oblique, my only 2 helvetica options seem to be regular and bold. Then I noticed at the bottom of the font list (in bold face), something called Helvetica CY--is that just for running the program? I am baffled.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated before I flee back to system 9!
> Thanks to all of you in advance!
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