Dear Mali,
I think Jeff is away in the field for another week. I have not yet been able to tell him about your enquiry,
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  Sent: Saturday, May 22, 2004 10:45 AM
  Subject: Queensland Museum and fish

  Dear Geoff

  Thank you so much for your information, I will contact Jeff directly. I think I saw that article on TV about the shark. I am painting a series of Australian fish and a small shark is next on the list! tho it still won't fit onto standard paper size. I was fascinated with the rare shark and would love to get close enough to one to paint it.

  Thank you to all others who sent info re fish printing, will chase it down. Sorry I still do not have a portfolio on line, I'm stuck in the dark ages with paper hard copies. One day soon I'll climb out into the light.

  love the list, thank you all


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