Dear Jeremy and Karen,

Thanks so much for your help--I just panicked when the fonts didn't show up in any of the places I thought they should appear--I just didn't know how to find the fonts that I had in classic on OSX--I guess OSX can just read them from the classic mode?

Anyway, I think I kind of solved the problem--it appears that my Helvetica suitcase did not have oblique listed, so I reinstalled the suitcase in classic and now it appears in OSX--what a mess!

Of course, now my Zip drive doesn't seem to be functioning at all although the little green light is on--back to trying to figure that one out. I just wish these things came with a tiny technician in the box who could jump out and help when you really need it!

Thanks again--I am so grateful to have a place to turn when things go wrong (or right, for that matter)! Everyone out there is fantastic and so incredibly helpful!

Take care,

Wendy Beth Jackelow
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