Stephanie great idea to give students a list and links of interest I will begin to do the same.   I teach informal education courses on the botanical arts at Southern Methodist University here in Dallas, TX  and nationally at workshops for art leagues and garden societies.  Like you, I realize students needed a place to turn to when my brief workshop class was over, to get more or continued info and support.  I have started a chat group.  A no-obligation-to-pay-a-fee-to-join-group or society, just a place to turn to for info on the botanical arts.  I would be honored if some of you on this list would join to add your expertise.  Please download( or is the term upload?) images of your work into the files.  Add links to yours or other good sites that would especially be of interest to beginners.  I am hoping it will be a place to post questions, announce events and shows, the kind of great stuff we talk about here but specifically on botanical arts.  

Stephanie,  feel free to add my class to the list: BOTANICAL ARTS WORKSHOP Aug. 16-24th Pagosa Springs Art Council, Pagosa Springs, CO

Cynthia Padilla, artist/instructor

I teach a one semester junior college course in biological illustration, and I give the students a list of places where they can find further training..... If anyone out there knows of or teaches courses I should include on my list, please let me know.     Stephanie McCann