27 lbs is not bad for such a large monitor.
Dual 30" displays? I just got goose bumps....
Thanks Jeremy

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        I don't own one (except in my dreams), but I did get to see
several of them at Apple's booth during the SIGGRAPH conference. They
even had a single G5 with dual 30" displays. It was the most beautiful
thing I've ever seen. 

        I only played with the computers for a few minutes, but the
displays looked excellent. They were crisp and bright, seemed to have
good color and I didn't notice any shifting when I moved my head. I
can't say I lifted the thing though. Here are the specs off Apple's

        30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display 
           Height: 21.3 inches (54.3 cm) 
           Width: 27.2 inches (68.8 cm) 
           Depth: 8.46 inches (21.5 cm) 
           Weight: 27.5 pounds (12.47 kg) 

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                Is anyone actually working on the new 30-inch Cinema HD.

                Do you like it? Any bugs. 
                How heavy is this thing, I could not find the weight on
Apple's site(quick searching). 
                Someone of you really successful, extremely wealthy
natural artists can afford this 
                $4,000.00 puppy...I have to believe this to give myself
inspiration and hope. 
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