Greeting, Edaine

I would be glad to pass on your offer to the Dun Ard list.  Our webpage is
currently being updated and some film of Guild Wars would be greatly
appreciated.  The equestrians were a very welcome addition to the event.

Sorry for the interruption, folks.

Annora de Braose

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> Date: 12/4/2004 12:54:15 AM
> Subject: [CALONTIR] Dun Ard/Guild War Contact?
> Greetings all!
> I am searching for a website about the recent Guild Wars in Dun Ard to
> my photos of some equestrians present that day.  I am having no luck
> such a page.  Is there somewhere else to  offer these photos and short
> clips? {Any other official page interested?}  Due to my short time in
> attendance, I was not able to get photos of other folks, but I want to say
> that everyone was kind and very hospitable, my thanks!  I look forward to
> more events at the site.
> Regards,
> Edaine
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