Hi Zeke,
Take a small business workshop, sales/marketing classes or art representation
It is not easy to get represented by an illustration agent. They are looking
for artists who have a track record, pump out tons of art and they take
anywhere from 25% - 50% of the project. In today's market that is a lot of money. It
makes sense if they are going to get you projects worth $5000 or more. Under
that do it yourself.

Make the process of looking for work a "pleasurable experience".

1. Your marketing materials should be up to  date, nicely designed,
memorable, easy to access and send.
2.  Have a targeted client list of at least 100. Send out 5 - 10 marketing
kits a month to potential clients and follow - up on them.
3.  Keep a written record of what transpires.
4. Smile when you speak with a potential client on the phone.
5. Smile when you put the marketing kit together.
6. Kiss the envelope before you put it into the mail.
7. Put out positive energy as you put the envelope into the mail box.
8. Let the desire for the potential client go.
9. The right client will come to you if you have persistence, perseverance
and are not a "nudge".
10. Should the client give you a project do everything you can to make them
like/love you and your work. You want the client to be a return client and
recommend you to others. Say thank you with a a hand written card.

Take 100% of the payment and put 10 - 20% back into your promotion/marketing.
rsr designs • squirrel nest studio
in business since 1976.

<< Looking for work is not my favorite part of the job. Do any of you
> fellow science illustrators have an agent? Any horror/success stories?
> Thanks for any information you can share.
>  --
>  Zeke Smith >>