Here is what Lee, the whale skeleton articulator says, below. I guess I might have been  wrong saying it wasn't a Beluga. I happen to have a Beluga skull in a bucket on my porch, but it is an immature and maybe the one I have still had its milk teeth as they are much smaller than the photos. Catie

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Hi Catie,
If that were on a local beach we would call it a beluga whale . The skull shape is good. There are more teeth in the lower jaw then a beluga should have . The size is good . From some of the vertebrae - it looks like whale bones on that end . Immature whale bones. The ribs look like a classic double jointed ribs but the shape may not be matching to what I remember the beluga would look like .
 The teeth shape is good for a beluga whale . I'm not sure what other whale species would look similar .
   Sue said to tell you that we have a book here for you .
   Thanks    Lee
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Lee, let me know what you think! Catie

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Ok I know this is on topic but I just had to see if one of you has any idea what the creature

pictured at this link is ?


I think there a few skull collectors on the list a maybe a taxidermist.


At first I thought it was a porpoise of some kind.

But the tail end is all wrong.


But look at those teeth, they look flat like plant eaters!


It does not seem to be fake, but the “hide” could be covering something.


Any ideas?




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