Hi Geoff and all,

Ever since I saw the book ' Meetings with Remarkable Trees' by Thomas
Pakenham, I have been very interested in experiencing some of these notable
trees.  Many were brought to England by explorers expressly for large
estates in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and have been growing
ever since into mammoth beings.  Many are incorporated into buildings and
structures, have Victorian tree houses in them, and are so big they have
rooms inside the trunks.  They are dotted all over Britain, but Kew has a
concentration of remarkable trees, and I must make a pilgrimmage to some of
them, rain or shine!

Thanks for the Kew site!



PS< if amyone else has suggestions about London or environs--let  me
know--we will be staying within walking distance of the British Museum,
whatever neighborhood that might be.

Chris Gralapp, MA, CMI
Medical and Scientific Illustration
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