Hi Mieke

I somehow totally missed your response.

You are so right in every thing you have said.





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Dear all,


Although I am not sure also, I think it is a beluga whale,
Delphinapterus leucas. This would be the first animal you think of,
since the pictures are from Russia, but I can imagine that the teeth got
everyone on the wrong track. The length and the body shape are correct
with that of a beluga.


For comparison, see: and


The issue with the teeth was also troublesome for me, until I saw the
8th picture:

It looks as if the teeth are broken somehow. The order of the teeth and
the shape of the jaw are as if from a beluga whale.


The reason why I think it isn't a hoax is because the total looks
natural, even with the large skin like rubble on the top of the skull:
Belugas have a large amount of soft tissue on their heads and are famous
for skin shedding every year. The skull is definitely a sea mammal
skull: the nose is not visible and the shape of the jaw is too
"sophisticated" for a reptile. And I can't think of any current
herbivore that has a teeth order like a carnivore.




P.S. I love the skeksis!



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I'm with Jeremy on this one. It's a skeksis alright (or a mystic) 

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        I found out what it is!  I knew this thing looked familiar!
        It's a skeksis!
        Here's a picture:

        On 9/8/06, Britt Griswold <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

        There are some alternate photos (too small) here: Bottom of the page.
        I think the claim of hair is a bit suspect; the
        decomposition is advanced. That stringy stuff 
        could be anything.
        It is definitely whale-like. The teeth are either
        very worn down or very unusual.
        Check this out too:
.html> >
        This one is interesting also:
        < >
        Cryptozoology is soo much fun!
        >Wow Karl,
        >At first I thought it was a Sei whale, but the
        >tail doesn't look right. Maybe it's a dragon?
        >Karl Gehrman < [log in to unmask]> wrote:
        >Ok I know this is on topic but I just had to see
        >if one of you has any idea what the creature
        >pictured at this link is ? 
        >I think there a few skull collectors on the list a maybe a
        >At first I thought it was a porpoise of some kind.
        >But the tail end is all wrong.
        >But look at those teeth, they look flat like plant eaters! 
        >It does not seem to be fake, but the "hide" could be covering
        >Any ideas?
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