I'm trying really hard not to rant about how bad microsoft and internet explorer suck.  As a web developer, dealing with the inadequacies of internet explorer has become the bane of my existance.  It's hard to beleive 85% of web browsers are ie, It's really the worst browser out there.  It hasn't been supported on macs in 5 years, yet if you look at stats, people still use it, even on mac platforms.  If you are using ie, get firefox! www.getfirefox.com

The paragraph below is from wikipedia.  The entire article can be found here.

Standards support

Other criticisms, mostly coming from technically proficient users and developers of websites and browser-based software applications, concern Internet Explorer's support of open standards, because the browser often uses proprietary extensions to achieve similar functionality.

Internet Explorer supports, to some degree, a number of standardized technologies, but has numerous implementation gaps and conformance failures—some minor, some not—that have led to criticism from an increasing number of developers. The increase is attributable, in large part, to the fact that competing browsers that offer relatively thorough, standards-compliant implementations are becoming more widely used.

Internet Explorer's ubiquity, in spite of its inferiority in this area, frustrates developers who want to write standards-compliant, cross-browser code and the advanced functionality it provides, because they are often stuck coding pages around Internet Explorer's bugs, proprietary featureset, and missing standards support instead.

Web developers must work with the least advanced technology across all browsers they wish to support, and Internet Explorer is often criticized for being technically obsolete. For a long-standing concrete example, see Internet Explorer's poor PNG transparency support.

Also, certain websites have attempted to test Web browsers out, and find Internet Explorer to be slower than Opera but equal or faster than Firefox.[21]

On 9/15/06, Karl Gehrman <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Don't know if this is just my PC Britt
But on my IE browser the photo does not appear and seems to get stuck
downloading about half way through the download (according to the
And I do have the Flash player.

However, when I switch browsers to FireFox on my flash drive, the photo
appears instantly.


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#44 is Michelle Schwengel

On Sep 14, 2006, at 4:58 PM, Britt Griswold wrote:

> I have loaded the Conference group picture onto the conference
> website.  It uses Flash and Zoomify to allow you to look at the
> detailed image without haveing to wait for a large download.  Very
> cool!
> < http://www.gnsi.science-art.com/2006WI/photos.shtml>
> There are a few names missing. Also some participants did not make
> it into the picture.  Feel free to email me with names to add for
> those present or not present.
> Britt