Dear Ann,
              I have not used my digital camera to photograph much artwork but I have used it to photograph a lot of insects down the microscope and more recently on a copystand. We chose a Canon G5 at the time we bought, because it has attached software that allows you to control it from the computer. I can adjust the white balance and control it manually. This means I can use very slow shutter speeds without a cable release. It doesn't meter the light on full manual but you can judge the exposure from the small image on screen and a few test shots will get it right. Take the shots in RAW format and then convert them to Tifs in Photoshop. This will avoid the artefacts from the camera jpegs and you can then save them as whatever you want using the compression levels you choose. I don't know if Nikon has now caught up but at the time they didn't offer this sort of software. I know that the Canon G series and their SLRs have this software,
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Dear very helpful members I'm looking to buy a digital camera that I will be using with my new HP for the purpose of making photos of my work, some of it wall size(large) and needing to include closeups for details to put on CDs and send out to clients.Any suggestions as to what digital camera would serve me best?
Thanks in advance.

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