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although I too don't live in the US, I also signed the petition. Not only to support you in your battle, but also because of the fact that a lot of things that happen in the US first come here eventually. And: I don't think the orphan law can cause trouble in light of foreign art work.




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Britt, I'm in Canada, but I signed the petition anyway. 


May I blog this full text, all credit to you and with a link to your Science-Art.com gallery?  I've been watching the discussions and I think this sums it up best for my readers. I'll include a link to the petition.


Glendon Mellow

The Flying Trilobite

Art in Awe of Science


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Dear Artists,

The Orphaned Works battle is on.  The Illustrators Partnership of America, American Society of Illustrators Partnership, Advertising Photographers, and others, have set up an effective way to inform you on what these bills will do and give you the tools to write and contact you legislators.  If you wish to protect your artistic work from theft and future legal costs, it is incumbent on you to speak out now.


1. go to this site:

2. Read the synopsis of the legislation at the bottom of the page; house bill first.

3. Real all the variations of the letters you can send (if you can stand it). They will give you a better understanding of how to address the issues.

4. Get mad

5. You can send one of the pre-written letters by email, but this will be less effective than a customized letter that shows you know and really care about this issue.

5. To customize a response, copy and paste the bits of the various letter that address the way you feel.

6. Compose them into a personalized version in a word processor.

7. Either paste the appropriate wording back into one of the customized letter forms provided.


Get the fax numbers of your representatives and fax a full letter to them for maximum impact.

8. Do it now.

Go here to find your house representative.
write them a letter.

Go here to find your Senator contact numbers:
(there is a senator finder at the top of the page.)

Go to this website to find a link for an email or mailing address contact for House Judiciary Committee members.
Find one that is in or near your State. Write them.

Go to this address for members of the Intellectual Property subcommittee.
Find one that is in or near your State. Write them.