lol Janet!

"Grunts" in the military are infantry/foot soldiers.  Non-infantry are usually referred to as "Pogues" (among other, more colorful terms).  Wikipedia provides too much detail about the origins of this word.


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I'm so glad to hear this definition ... I've been Googling the term and getting lots of images of men in uniform (as well as a few in their birthday suits)! Whew!!!


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>Date: 2008/08/21 Thu PM 01:31:13 CDT
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>Subject: Re: [SCIART] "grunt graphics"?

>Grunt graphics is just a term for doing the mind numbing and uncreative.
>Cut and dried work that is needed in any project.  I would approach this
>as a work for hire situation and charge by the hour a rate that would be
>the equivalent of being hired as an employee.  I would expect they are
>looking for cheep help at a university press.  If they want a per piece
>price, give them four levels, Simple, Moderate, Complex, and very
>complex, but you make the call on which goes in which category.
>margaretnelson wrote:
>> Does anyone out there recognize the term, Grunt Graphics?  I'm doing
>> some work for an author who's being published by a university press,
>> and their graphics specialist added a postscript to his latest email,
>> asking whether I do "grunt graphics" and if so what my rates are.  It
>> seems to have to do with redoing existing figures in a different
>> format or file form than the original.  Does anyone know any more
>> about this, or about what is an appropriate rate -- if i even want to
>> do it...?
>> Thanks!
>> Margy