Cool! That sort of things in your own back garden is an almost impossibility
in Europe... unless you are living in the north of Sweden of Norway. 


I also wish everybody a great new year! Here we had the first white
Christmas since the early eighties and although it was gone the day after,
last night it snowed again and so old years eve is also white!




Mieke Roth

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I agree with you, Mieke.  Your diverse portfolio also suggests that you
adapt to new challenges, and that is a major plus since you succeed at your
projects. Some people want life to be a little too predictable.


Off to work on this, so far, -3 F and tanking day. With big snow storm
predicted for New Year's weekend. So I'll say now: may you all, every one,
enjoy a great start to a successful new year.  I will be busy this weekend
learning the details of conservation easements -- have started negotiations
with the university to turn my land into a wildlife sanctuary. It is good
wilderness, and the trampled snow indicates that my driveway is a fast lane
highway for a couple of large and one smaller moose.  Lots to learn, much
careful work to do...  joan




Lazy people pigeon-hole others. 



On Dec 30, 2009, at 10:25 AM, Mieke Roth wrote:

 I once got a remark from an editor of an US magazine that my portfolio on
science-art is too diverse. 



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